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We’re committed to going above and beyond for each and every client. When you work with GO Paving, you can rest assured that our work and the overall experience will exceed your expectations. Here’s what makes us stand out:

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At GO Paving, our team members thrive to provide exceptional quality and customer satisfaction while maintaining a high standard of safety. We continue to stay ahead of the curve by implementing new means and methods, along with continuously trying to maintain green practices. Some of the reasons why GO Paving has seen continuous positive growth:

Our Services

Asphalt Services

From restoration needs to complete new construction, GO Paving will assist you in completing your commercial, civil or residential projects. Our experienced team can assist or manage your project needs along the way.

Concrete Services

GO Paving offers concrete flat works for your home or your commercial property. Let us help you along the way for all of your concrete work needs. When you hire GO Paving, you can rest assured that the job will be completed effectively.

Excavation & Demolition Services

GO Paving’s excavating and leveling division can excavate small or large volumes of material for your required projects. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. You deserve to work with a company that applies extra effort to provide top notch service.

Hauling Services

GO Paving’s growing fleet of well maintained Tandem dump trucks and trailers can help you move your materials or equipment in a safe, efficient, and reliable way. Reach out today if you need a reliable professional to assist!

Snow Clearing & Removal

GO Paving offers commercial snow clearing and removal. Our team prides themselves with safe and efficient methods to get the job done effectively, on time, and on budget for each and every client. We treat our clients like partners!

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Eugene Carroll

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Eugene Carroll

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Eugene Carroll

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no right or wrong answer with that question:

Asphalt can have a very long life span on commercial and residential applications when it’s installed properly by experienced contractors. Asphalt paving will facilitate your snow removal and is more resilient to the winter’s freeze thaw cycles which means asphalt is malleable and will move with the soils below rather than crack immediately, it’s also more cost effective to repair or maintain. Asphalt is also much more affordable for commercial properties and residential driveways when large areas are covered. Concrete will typically have a much better aesthetic appeal for residential driveways and sidewalks as you can achieve clean and strong edges as opposed to an aggregate and granular asphalt edge.

There are benefits and cons to both:

  • Asphalt can suffer in high heats while concrete will fail in extreme cold conditions.
  • Concrete may last longer but will cost a lot more in repairs when cracking.
  • Concrete can withstand heavier loads and are good for commercial applications.
  • Concrete has more finish options (color, textures and stamps, clean edges) while asphalt is mostly black.
  • Concrete will stain easily while asphalt may require a sealant every couple years.

Ultimately, the granular base below will dictate the longevity of your paving product regardless of asphalt or concrete. It is very important to complete the base properly by experienced professionals before paving.

Your asphalt or concrete paved surface will provide proper drainage away from your property and foundation which can prevent some major foundation issues in the long run. There’s the added benefit that it also typically increases the property value along with curb appeal, it’s definitely a head turner when there’s fresh pavement, whether it be asphalt, concrete, or even stamped concrete. A paved surface will prevent gravel from being tracked onto adjacent lawns or inside your garage as it serves as a dust mitigation option. It’ll reduce gravel dust onto the structures nearby such as homes, windows, vehicles, air handling units, and commercial HVAC units which can reduce the cleaning and maintenance bills.

Both materials have an abundance of technical specifications with continuous amendments to better the products in order to keep up with our ever changing and challenging climates. Here’s a quick description of both:


Asphalt typically requires a thicker granular base below (approximately 8” minimum). Asphalt is made from tar (bitumen) which is a binding product, and aggregates (limestone, sand, and other recycled products). Asphalt has different characteristics than concrete as it’s a cooling and compaction process, not a curing process like concrete. Asphalt is made by heating tar at a very high temperature and mixing it with the aggregates. It’s then transported and placed on site at a high temperature and compressed together during its cooling period by using the proper compaction equipment and techniques. Asphalt can theoretically be reverted back to a soft material with heat and mixing which makes it a good product for cost effective repairs.


Concrete typically requires a thinner granular base below (approximately 4” minimum). Concrete is made from cement as the binding product, and aggregates (similar to asphalt but only stones or sand). Concrete is made with warm water while mixing the cement compound and aggregates. Concrete has a curing process which allows it to harden into its final density. There is no cooling or compaction process like asphalt. Concrete has interesting processes such as heat of hydration that’s caused by the curing process and is very susceptible to failure during cold weather conditions. Unlike asphalt, concrete cannot be reverted back to its original liquid state and cannot be heated to repair parts of it.


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